How someone can earn an income of $500 per month starting from scratch.

Earning, with little discipline and determination, anyone can start earning an extra $500 per month. it might not sound like much, but over time, that extra income can easily start to add up.

And, if you’re creative, there are all sorts of way to start making extra money. All takes is a little effort and some creativity.


How can you start earning ?

here, are a few ideas to get you started:-

  • start a blog and sell advertising.
  • Do odd jobs for people in your community.
  • start a pet setting business.
  • create and sell a product or service online.
  • Do some freelance work

Remember it doesn’t matter how you start earning extra money,

what matters is that you start taking action and building up your income. with little extra effort.

Do odd jobs for people in your community.

you may able to earn an income of $500 per month by working part-time or temporary jobs,

this could involve working in retail, food service or others industries that offer flexible scheduling

Start a pet setting business for earning.

Another option is to start a small business, such as an e-commerce store,

a consulting or coaching service, or a service-based business.

there are many resources available to help you get started, and it can be a great way to start a passive earning.

Create and sell a product.

if you have assets such as a spare room, a car, or equipment,

you may be able to earn money by renting them out through which platforms such fiverr.

you can also create and sell your own products, such as handcrafts, or digital products.

Do some freelance work.

consider offering your skills and expertise as a freelancer in areas such as writing, design, marketing , or programming .

there are a number of freelance works that can help your way to earning such as upwork, fiverr, and a freelancer.


lets do Maths, you need to earn around $130 in a week.

  1. increase your awareness of spends: one of the way to gain money is reduce spend. cutting down on unwanted spends can save you $1/2 everyday atleast.
  2. create passive income streams : this is the way your earning will generate money for you even when you rest.
  3. create an active source of income : this actively working and generating income via doing a job or some freelance work.

What are the some ways for earning?

There are majory 3 components to make money:

  1. Saving money you have – Cutting down unnecessary costs is equivalent to earning more money in some way
  2. Generating active income – This is the income you will earn by working. Some examples of this is getting a job, working as freelancer, actively trading and more.
  3. Passive income – This is when the money you earn makes money for you. This is earned passively and hence is super powerful.

We can cover crypto as a tool to earn active and passive income, the best ways are:

  1. Trading: Here you can pull profits by buying low and selling high. This is not as simple as it looks and needs experience and knowledge in the space.
  2. holding long term: This is when you fundamentally strong projects and hold them for a long time.
  3. Taking part in airdrops: Airdrops are tokens given to wallets that perform some tasks or as a part of marketing campaign by some protocols. Uniswap is a great example of this that produced a over $1000 for their airdropped users.
  4. Contributions to protocols: You can contribute to DAOs or do their bounties to earn in crypto. These can be easily around $1000 in today’s market

I can introduce two methods for you that can make 500$ per day.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. DropShipping

Let’s discuss how you can make 500 $ with affiliate marketing and DropShipping.

  1. Affiliate marketing

First of all, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method that you can make money by promoting someone else product or services. You can register to an affiliate program and get a unique tracking link from them. Then you have to promote it and drive traffic to the business/service through your link. If someone makes a purchase, then you will earn a commission. So this is simply affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways you can start making money today as a complete beginner. You can get started for free. You don’t need any experience.

How you can make 500$ per day?


If you want to make more money, then you need to select a high-ticket product. A high ticket product is that a product will pay a high amount of commissions for sales. You need to select a product that pays you at least 100$ per sale. Then if you can make 5 sales per day, you will earn your target.

The thing you should focus on.

The thing you should focus on.

There are few things that will decide you the number of sales you will get.

  1. Number of targeted traffic you will get
  2. Quality of your content, the value you will provide, and the relevancy to the niche.
  3. Is it a product that people really need?

Your product might be a high-ticket one. But if it is not a product that people don’t need anymore or a product that is not useful anymore, then you can’t make any sales. So do research before you pick a product and you can check details like gravity (in Clickbank), cart conversion (digistore24) like things.

2. DropShipping

If you can sell some products that will help in the recent time, then you can make more money.

Ex: Think this is Christmas time. So people are looking to buy the products they will need at Chistmas.

To sell products that are more useful in the current time period.

Making $500 a day can seem challenging, while in fact it’s very possible online. Once you know the business models and have spent a few weeks perfecting the system, $500 will become a common target.

So, what are the possible ways to start making large amounts of money daily online?

  • Professional Blogging: Usually, blogs are thought of as a fun adventure. However, if you find the right niche that works for you, you can make it your career. A blog can be monetized is many ways such as sponsored posts and advertising.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can use your blog and/or social media to promote products and services using an affiliate link. Depending on how many people follow you, you can be making huge amount of money daily. The commission is anywhere between 5% and 35%. So, if you are promoting expensive products, making $500 a day does not sound that far away.
  • Your own services: Instead of promoting other people’s businesses, think of creating your own. If you are great a blogging, then you can start a service creating blogs and content for clients. Once you have large expertise in the field, you will be getting recurrent work without having to spend too much time on it. This goes for every business you may want to launch.

These three are just a few ways that many online entrepreneurs are making $500 a day or more. There are others such as YouTube, Dropshipping, and Flipping products.

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